Oh, hello there!

 I see you've discovered The Opposite of Adulting

This can only mean two things: 1. You've confused this site for a dictionary and are legitimately trying to find the antonym of "adulting"; or 2. You're hoping I will be your sherpa on this path of 'growing up' and becoming a "successful adult"    

Well, new found internet friend, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I'm not a dictionary or a sherpa; alas, I am but a  human woman sitting in front of her laptop asking you to love her words.  The good news however, is that I am also trying to work those two things out so, you really couldn't be in better company.  

So, strap yourself in and we'll just figure it out along the way   

Your friend and adult in training,

Tali xx